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Planning / Development

In-house product planning / Improvement based on customer needs

We are working to improve further new products based on the opinions and needs of our customers. We are working on technological development to further improve durability, safety, and effectiveness, and not only on product technology, but also on manufacturing technology and quality control systems.

Product manufacturing

At our own factory, we manufacture products that meet strict examination standards.

Nihon Trim products are manufactured at our own factory located in a natural place in Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture. Acquired ISO13485 and ISO9001 * according to GMP standard * as a medical device manufacturing factory. We only provide safe, high-quality products that have passed strict examination standards.

  • GMP standard:  Regulations (abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice) that must be adhered to and practiced to ensure the quality of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc.
  • ISO13485, ISO9001: ISO is an international standard in the industrial field. Among them, ISO13485 is a quality standard for medical devices.

Manufacturing and Inspection

We assemble the product according to the work procedure according to ISO standards.
We carefully conduct water inspection, safety, performance / function, and structural inspection four times for each completed product.


The quality control department pulls out the product and rechecks whether the product conforms to the standard.


We only deliver products that have passed the strict examination criteria to customers nationwide.


Sales network of 3 bases nationwide by Authorized Dealer Cellpower (Pvt)Ltd.

The water conditioner is an important item to use every day. At Nihon Trim, we have 3 sales offices nationwide from North to South, and about 20 salespeople with specialized knowledge are satisfied with the importance of water, products, and support after purchase. They will explain it so that you can use it.

Product installation

Professional staff will carry out safe and secure installation

Approximately 20 * nationwide installation specialised staff visit customers’ homes and install water conditioners one by one. At the same time, they explain how to use the product and the difference in water.

  • 20 staff of Trim Life Support (100% owned by Nippon Trim)

After-sales support

Staff with specialized knowledge at our own call center

Support offered to customers at our own call center

At the call center, staff with specialized knowledge receives a wide range of questions regarding products and inquiries about various services which they will explain thoroughly to our customers in need.

3 bases nationwide. 20 professional staff

Nihon Trim has 20 professional staff including 3 sales offices nationwide from North to South, affiliated companies, etc., and explained after purchasing and installing the water conditioner and after using it. We will respond to inquiries etc.

Various information transmission

When it comes time to replace the cartridge, we will send you a direct mail and a quarterly magazine. We also send timely information about Nihon Trim, products, and electrolyzed hydrogen water through e-mail magazines and SNS.

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