Calicut Tiles Roof Installation

Trinamount has the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to mount PV modules on tile roofs. With a series of drop-in and quarter-turn connections on a specialized module frame, Trinamount installs up to 5 times faster than conventional mounting systems. Trinamount connects directly to the module frame and eliminates the need for long rails. By […]

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Thoroughly analyze the reasons why Nihon Trim’s electrolytic hydrogen water conditioner is selected!

Maruwakari, a water trimmer of Japan Trim! Features of Nihon Trim water conditioner Point 1: Nippon Trim’s water conditioner is a “home managed medical device”.The water conditioner was approved by the former Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1966 as a “home-managed medical device”, and is currently recognized as having an effect of improving gastrointestinal […]

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One-stop development strength to meet customer needs

Planning / Development In-house product planning / Improvement based on customer needs We are working to improve further new products based on the opinions and needs of our customers. We are working on technological development to further improve durability, safety, and effectiveness, and not only on product technology, but also on manufacturing technology and quality control […]

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Difference between Water purifier & a water Conditioner

Both the water purifier and the water conditioner can make delicious water by removing residual chlorine and other impurities contained in tap water.The amount of impurities that can be removed depends on the performance of the water filter (filter material), but in terms of removing impurities, both the water purifier and the water conditioner are […]

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Sri Lanka surpasses 200MW of solar capacity

Sri Lanka has reached more than 200MW of installed solar capacity, closing in on its target of 1GW by 2025. To celebrate the milestone, the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy organised a ceremony in Kotte. The achievement was partly driven by the accelerated solar rooftop programme, known as ‘Soorya Bala Sangramaya’ (Battle for Solar […]

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The Nissan Leaf does pretty well for the automaker. It’s one of the best selling EVs ever and today the company introduced a redesigned $29,990 Leaf with ProPilot, a hands-on semi-autonomous feature for heavy traffic. With a 150 mile range and a price about $700 cheaper than it predecessor, Nissan is determined to stay at […]

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