Difference between Water purifier & a water Conditioner

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Both the water purifier and the water conditioner can make delicious water by removing residual chlorine and other impurities contained in tap water.
The amount of impurities that can be removed depends on the performance of the water filter (filter material), but in terms of removing impurities, both the water purifier and the water conditioner are the same.

So what is the difference between a water purifier and a water conditioner?

What is a water purifier?

A water purifier is a device that removes residual chlorine and other impurities by filtering tap water through a water purification filter such as activated carbon.
In other words, the purifier is aimed at producing safer and tastier water.

What is a water conditioner?

Electrolytic hydrogen water conditioner lineup

The purpose of the water purifier was to make tap water clean and delicious, but one water purifier is electrolyzed purified water to “delicious + medical effect” electrolytic hydrogen water (drinking alkaline (Electrolyzed water) is generated.
The water conditioner is a managed medical device for home use that has been confirmed to have the effect of improving gastrointestinal symptoms by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act (formerly Pharmaceutical Affairs Act) .

Electrolyzed hydrogen water is alkaline with a pH of 9.0 to less than 10.0 and contains hydrogen.
In addition, since minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium) are contained in approximately 5 to 20% more than raw water and have excellent extraction power, it can be used not only for drinking but also for cooking to enhance the flavor of the material. I will.

In addition to electrolytic hydrogen water, acid water and purified water can be generated from the water conditioner.
Acidic water can be used for face washing and washing, and purified water can be used for making baby’s milk and taking medicines.

It’s easy to understand, and compared with water purifiers and familiar water …

hydrogenDeliciousnessJIS T
standard * 1
standard * 2
* 3
chlorineProcessing method
Water conditionerYesAlkaline
RemovalElectrolytic decomposition of tap water after purification
Water purifierAlmost neutralRemovalPurify tap water
Mineral waterAlmost neutralnot includedTreats natural water, etc.
Water serverAlmost neutralnot includedTreats natural water and tap water
Tap waterAlmost neutral to weakly acidicIncluding

Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms is only available in water conditioner.

  • * 1: The product standard of TRIM ION is defined by JIS T2004 (Japanese Industrial Standard). “T” is a department symbol attached to medical safety equipment.
  • * 2: The cartridge used for TRIM ION can remove 19 impurities such as residual chlorine, turbidity and CAT (agricultural chemicals) defined by JIS S3201 (Japanese Industrial Standard).
  • * 3: May vary depending on water quality and water temperature.

Type and selection of water conditioner

Nihon Trim provides a variety of products that make your life healthier and more comfortable, from home use to business use, medical use, and agricultural use.
There are different types of home water dispensers, such as different water intake types and specially designed faucets, so that you can enjoy the water dispensers fashionably and conveniently. Please choose the one that suits your needs.

Water intake from faucet

  • It is a 2-way type that takes in electrolytic hydrogen water from the faucet and can be installed even if it is separated from the sink. It is also attractive that it can be installed relatively easily. There are not so many restrictions on where to place it, so you can easily place it in the kitchen. GRACE uses a hybrid double electrolysis system to generate highly concentrated electrolyzed hydrogen water with a maximum of 1300 ppb. There are also more compact versions of the body.

Water intake type from the body

  • A one-way type that is refreshing around the faucet. After being generated from the direct connection to the water supply, you can take in electrolytic hydrogen water directly from the flexible water intake that comes out of the main unit. Since the water intake rotates 360 degrees, water can be taken in from any direction. It has a large water intake and can be used conveniently for all dishes.

Under sync type

  • It is a refreshing type around the kitchen where the main body is stored under the sink. With a design that can be stored in most manufacturers’ kitchens including pull-out type, cartridge replacement is easy. There are a stylish faucet type and a mixed shower faucet type that can use 4 types of water separately with 1 faucet.

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