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රු 600,000

The micro-carbon cartridge eliminates 13 substances specified in the Japanese  Industrial Standard (JIS standard) and 6 elements specified in the ??Japan Water Purifier Association Independent Standard.

Process Antioxidant Water at Home! Experience the refreshing taste of antioxidant water, purified by a high-performance carbon water purifier. TI-9000 has the highest filtration durability, lasting up to 2 years or 28,000 liters (7,396 gallons) of processed water. This unit is perfect for families, restaurants, elderly, offices, factories cafes and more!

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Double, Auto-changing, Crossline method


Electrolyzed hydrogen water (EHW) is created through the electrolysis of water. Constant electrolysis causes minerals such as calcium to collect at the electrode (on the cathode side), forming a coating. When the electrode is coated with these minerals, the process of electrolysis becomes unstable, thus reducing its efficiency.
Our EHW apparatus uses a double auto-change cross-line system that switches the polarity of the electrodes and waterway bubbles at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of minerals on the electrodes and achieve stable, long-term electrolysis.

Twin, Safety Valve Function

Running hot or boiling water through the apparatus may alter the shape of the resin components inside, inhibiting its operation and functions. To protect against accidental use of hot or boiling water, the apparatus is equipped with two safety valves. One valve functions by directing water to a drain outlet using a shape-memory alloy. The other works as an escape valve when the water pressure within the apparatus becomes exceptionally high.

Switching Regulator Control System

Nihon Trim employs an original technology that automatically regulates the electrolysis process in response to variations in water quality due to seasonal and regional factors. This allows for generating electrolyzed hydrogen water that is always the same consistency. This regulation mechanism uses environmentally-friendly technology that ensures efficient power conversion and effective use of electricity.



TRIM® Antioxidant Water by Nihon Trim Co., Ltd

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