Double, Auto-changing, Crossline method


Electrolyzed hydrogen water (EHW) is created through the electrolysis of water. Constant electrolysis causes minerals such as calcium to collect at the electrode (on the cathode side), forming a coating. When the electrode is coated with these minerals, the process of electrolysis becomes unstable, thus reducing its efficiency.
Our EHW apparatus uses a double auto-change cross-line system that switches the polarity of the electrodes and waterway bubbles at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of minerals on the electrodes and achieve stable, long-term electrolysis.

Twin, Safety Valve Function

Running hot or boiling water through the apparatus may alter the shape of the resin components inside, inhibiting its operation and functions. To protect against accidental use of hot or boiling water, the apparatus is equipped with two safety valves. One valve functions by directing water to a drain outlet using a shape-memory alloy. The other works as an escape valve when the water pressure within the apparatus becomes exceptionally high.

Switching Regulator Control System

Nihon Trim employs an original technology that automatically regulates the electrolysis process in response to variations in water quality due to seasonal and regional factors. This allows for generating electrolyzed hydrogen water that is always the same consistency. This regulation mechanism uses environmentally-friendly technology that ensures efficient power conversion and effective use of electricity.


Neatly fits around one-way faucets


Connect the tap water supply hose to the faucet to draw out electrolyzed hydrogen water/acidic water/purified water from the protruding swivel faucet on top of the apparatus. The swivel faucet spins 360 degrees, allowing you to add water to a variety of containers.

The micro-carbon cartridge eliminates 13 substances specified in the JIS standard and 6 elements specified in the Japan Water Purifier Association Independent Standard.


The micro-carbon cartridge is made from a porous carbon material containing countless micropores on its interior. The cartridge quickly absorbs dissolved solids while thoroughly removing particles that cause turbidity. Thanks to a new construction, the micro carbon alone can now remove 13 substances designated under Japanese Industrial Standards as well as 6 substances designated under the Japan Water Purifier Association’s own standards. The filter material is also recognized for its anti-clogging and exceptional flow properties.


1. Non-woven fabric
The porous sheet is made from a combination of fibers layered into a 3D construction. This layer removes large particles before they pass through the micro-carbon.

2. Micro-carbon (extremely fine activated coal)
Nihon Trim’s micro-carbon cartridge uses NSF-certified activated carbon (developed in collaboration with Nihon Trim).

[NSF-certified activated carbon manufacturer/Part no.]
– Kuraray Co., Ltd./T-SCO 60/150THM
– Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd./CN8200G


NSF International is a globally recognized nonprofit organization engaged in the protection of public health. The strict standards it enacts as part of its public health protection must be met before receiving NSF certification.

Cartridge filtration capacity (Total filtered water amount: 12t)

*Test results based on Japan Water Purifier Association’s in-house standards and testing methods according to JIS S 3201 (filter test flow rate of 4L)

13 substances specified in the JIS standard
1 Free Residual Chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) 8 Tetrachloroethylene
2 Turbidity 9 Trichloroethylene
3 Total Trihalomethane* 10 1,1,1-trichloroethane
4 Chloroform 11 CAT (agrichemical)
5 Bromodichloromethane 12 2-MIB (mold smell)
6 Dibromochloromethane 13 Soluble Lead
7 Bromoform
  • *Total trihalomethane is the collective name of the above four substances from 4 to 7.
6 substances specified in the Japan Water Purifier Association Independent Standard
1 Geosmin (mold smell) 4 Carbon Tetrachloride
2 Phenols 5 Benzene
3 Anionic Surfactants 6 Cis-1,2-dichloroethylene and Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene
  • ・The replacement period for purification cartridges will vary with the quality, pressure, and amount of water filtered.
  • ・A notification indicating when to replace the cartridge will appear approximately one year after first use. The notification may be activated before a year elapsed when the total water filtered reaches approximately 12t. Please change the cartridge when you see the notification.

Buzzer and Lights to Indicate when to Replace Cartridges


The filtering capacity of TRIM ION TI-9000 is around 12t. Water flow is calculated via an integrated flowmeter. Once a year has passed since first use or the total amount of water filtered reaches 12t, you will be notified by a buzzer and blinking light. 

More Powerful Electrolyzing Performance

Powering up the electrolytic voltage allows for generating EHW from an expanded range of typically hard-to-electrolyze sources, including raw water and well water. 

8-cell Multi-layer Electrolyzer

To achieve more efficient electrolysis, it is necessary to increase the overall electrical load per unit volume of water. TRIM ION TI-9000 utilizes an 8-cell multi-layer electrolyzer to increase electrolyzing performance.

Large Operation Panel for Improved Visibility and Use


The large operation panel allows for easy manipulation.

Large Waterproof Embossed Touch Switch

The large touch switch has been treated with a waterproof embossment to protect against water splashback from the sink.

Melody and Lights to Indicate Electrolyzed Hydrogen Water Generation


A melody accompanied by 10 blue LED lights will signal when electrolyzed hydrogen water is being generated. For those sensitive to noise, the volume can be adjusted according to your preference.

Drainage Volume Adjustment Valve

This valve allows for adjusting the intake balance between drainage water and electrolyzed hydrogen water. Adjusting the drainage volume also lets you control the electrolyzed hydrogen water’s concentration. 

Fully Equipped with Attachable Adapter for Branch Faucets


A set of 7 types of adapters allows for easy attachment on all standard types of faucets.

Overcurrent Prevention Device

Electrolyzing tap water that is rich in electrolytes may cause an abnormal surge in electric current. To prevent this, TRIM ION TI-9000 is equipped with a device to stabilize the flow of electricity.

Minimum Flow Recirculation System

Overheating has been known to occur in regions with electrolyte-rich tap water. TRIM ION TI-9000 is paired with a minimum flow recirculation system to prevent the apparatus from overheating and ensure its continued safe operation.

Surge Protector to Protect Against Indirect Lightning Strikes

This safety feature activates the apparatus’s protective circuits in the event of an indirect lightning strike.

Main Specifications

Model number TRIM ION TI-9000EX
Medical Equipment Production and Sale Certification Number 21500BZZ00119000
Rated voltage 200-240V AC
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated current 3A (max 5A)
Rated electrolytic voltage DC70V(max)
Power consumption 300W (max 500W)
Electrolytic baths 4 baths (8 cells)
Electrodes (number of plates) Platinum-tick coated titanium electrode (5 plates)
Electrode durability time 4,000 hours as an electrolyte 
(Varies with usage conditions such as amount used and water quality, etc.)
Generated water intake system  one-way type
Rated intake of electrolyzed hydrogen water Approx. 5.0L/min (max)
Rated intake of acidic water Approx. 5.0L/min (max)
Rated intake of purified water Approx. 6.0L/min (max)
Hydraulic pressure of piping system 50kPa (minimum operational water pressure) up to 700kPa
Electric cord length 2m
Weight 5kg
Size 271(W)×367(H)×138(D) mm
Lactic acid calcium adding device Addition through case insertion
(Lactic acid calcium is an auxiliary material added to facilitate electrolysis)
Cartridge filtration capacity 13 substances designated by JIS (*1) 12t (removal rate of over 80%)
Test results based on JIS S 3201 (filter test flow rate 4L/m)
6 substances designated by Japan Water Purifier Association’s in-house standards (*2) 12t (removal rate of over 80%)
Test results based on Japan Water Purifier Association’s in-house standards (filter test flow rate 4L/m)
(Lasts for approximately 1 year when used at a rate of 32L/day. Results may vary according to volume, quality, and pressure of the water during use.)
  • (*1) The 13 substances are: Free Residual Chlorine (calcium hypochlorite), turbidity, total trihalomethane, chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, bromoform, tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, CAT (agrichemical), 2-MIB (mold smell), Soluble Lead
  • (*2) The 6 substances are: Geosmin (mold smell), Phenols, Anionic Surfactants, Carbon Tetrachloride, Benzene, Cis-1,2-dichloroethylene and Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene
Electrolyzer washing method Double, Auto-changing, Crossline method
Power supply circuit Switching Regulator Control System
Protective functions Fuse (built-in substrate): 8A
Constant current control circuit (overcurrent prevention device)
Minimum flow recirculation system
Branch faucet constant flow valve
Branch faucet warning valve (excessive water pressure prevention)
Twin safety valve function (hot water/excessive water pressure prevention)
  • *Please be aware that in order to make improvements we may change the price and design of this product without prior notice.
  • *Actual product colors may differ from those displayed here.
  • *pH levels may not be sufficient depending on the region and water quality (groundwater).
  • Consult with the vendor before purchase.
  • *At Nihon Trim, we define drinkable alkaline water containing hydrogen generated from cathodes following electrolysis as electrolyzed hydrogen water and acidic electrolyzed water generated from anodes as acidic water.
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